Who is Carla Abellana? Biography, Movies, & Facts

Carla Abellana via YouTube

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Filipino actress, TV personality, and commercial model Carla Abellana has received widespread appreciation for her work. She has a large fan base in the Philippines because of her stunning good looks, unquestionable skill, and warm demeanor. Carla is well-known for her adaptability; she has shown her acting skills in a wide variety of roles in both film and television. Carla Abellana has had a successful career marked by several high points and critical acclaim. Below, we’ll go further into the life of this incredible actress.

Early Life and Education

On June 12, 1986, Carla Abellana was born in Manila, Philippines. She was born into a family with profound ties to the entertainment industry. Both of her parents are famous actors; her mom, Rhea Abellana, and dad, Rey “PJ” Abellana, are both in the industry. Carla’s early exposure to the entertainment industry, thanks to her family’s focus on the field, undoubtedly had an impact on her decision to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Carla Abellana earned a degree in psychology from De La Salle University in Manila. Carla had a natural talent for acting, but she put her schooling first and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Her ability to represent nuanced individuals on television has been bolstered by the knowledge gained through her academic pursuits.

Carla honed her acting chops and gained valuable experience by appearing in many school performances alongside her academic pursuits. Even at school, her passion and skill shone through, laying the groundwork for her later achievements in the entertainment business. Carla’s schooling and innate ability as an actor have given her a lot of range.

Entry into the Entertainment Industry

Carla Abellana came to fame early in her career because to her numerous television appearances, which showcased her versatility and natural talent. Each of the characters she performed resonated with the viewers. She succeeded in winning their hearts and establishing herself as a promising new performer. She has distinguished herself as an actor by bringing nuance and authenticity to her roles, which has won her critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

In 2009, she tried out for the role of Zorro on the GMA Network, but instead, she became the lead in “Rosalinda,” a show based on the popular Mexican soap opera of the same name. Her lead role was a showcase for her impressive acting skills, which have helped establish her as a sought-after professional. The success of “Rosalinda” opened doors for Carla to work on bigger projects and team up with A-list actors and directors.

Television Career

Carla Abellana has had a fruitful career on television, displaying her range and skill throughout many well-known shows. Her television credits include many high-profile series and programs:

  • Carla made her television debut as the title character of the hit drama series “Rosalinda” (2009). She quickly rose to prominence after her performance.
  • Carla’s debut came in the drama series “The Last Prince” (2010), in which she portrayed Althea. Her performance won rave reviews and marked her as a rising star in the acting world.
  • In the critically praised drama series “Kung Aagawin Mo ang Langit” (2011), Carla gave a gripping performance that displayed her acting prowess and range. She received much acclaim for her performance, which helped establish her as a leading actress.
  • Carla had a crucial role in the revolutionary drama series “My Husband’s Lover” (2013). She was lauded for her nuanced and sympathetic performance as Lally Agatep, a woman who uncovers her husband’s affair with another man. Carla’s sophisticated performance resonated with audiences and earned her praise for capturing the complexity of her character’s narrative.

Film Career

Carla Abellana has had a fruitful cinematic career filled with memorable roles and box-office hits. She may have started out on television, but she has made a huge mark in Philippine cinema. Carla’s acting skills and range have been on display in a number of films. The following are only a few of her most acclaimed film roles:

  • Shake, Rattle & Roll XII (2010)
    • This horror anthology was a showcase for Carla’s versatility as an actress.
  • No Other Woman (2011)
    • A commercially successful romance drama. Carla’s portrayal in the film was well-received by critics and helped boost her standing in the industry.
  • The Asiong Salonga Story (2011)
    • The story of Asiong Salonga, a legendary Filipino outlaw, is told via a crime drama film. Carla had a pivotal supporting part in the film, showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  • Mga Mumunting Lihim (2012)
    • Carla’s character in this drama film struggles with keeping secrets and reconciling inner turmoil. Her capacity to tackle emotionally taxing parts was on full display in her critically acclaimed performance in the film.

Carla has shown herself to be an accomplished actor in both cinema and television, having made significant contributions to both industries.

Other Endeavors

Carla Abellana has shown that she is more than just an actress by branching out into hosting and presenting roles.

She’s hosted major events including Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines, both of which are highly regarded in the Philippines. Her charming performance has captivated spectators and brought a new level of sophistication to these prestigious occasions. Carla’s versatility as an entertainer is further shown by her appearance on the judging panel of the amateur talent show Starstruck, where she offered advice to budding performers.

In addition, Carla has worked with several well-known companies during her modeling career; one of them is Bench. Carla has appeared in several advertising campaigns for Bench, where she serves as a brand ambassador, promoting the company’s stylish apparel and accessories. She has also walked the catwalk during Philippine Fashion Week, where she showed off the season’s hottest looks with elegance and confidence.

Carla’s brand endorsements, which include collaborations with skincare and cosmetics businesses, have bolstered these efforts. For example, in her role as an Olay spokesperson, she promotes the brand’s skincare products while advocating for clear, glowing skin. Carla Abellana’s continued success and adaptability in fields outside of acting, such as hosting, modeling, and brand endorsements, are shown by these specific instances.

Personal Life

Carla has a wide variety of interests outside of her professional job. She has devoted her life to helping animals in need and is a vocal supporter of animal rescue groups. Carla’s commitment to this cause has been recognized and rewarded with many honors, including her selection as the PAWS Philippines Ambassador.

Carla Abellana’s long-term relationship with actor Tom Rodriguez has been a defining feature of her private life. The public has seen and praised the couple’s undeniable chemistry. Both in their personal and professional lives, they have been quite vocal about their love for and support of one another.

Carla Abellana also enjoys dabbling in the arts of photography and painting. She enjoys taking photographs because it allows her to express herself creatively. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is a well-rounded and motivational person because she follows her interests and gives to causes that matter to her.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her career, Carla Abellana has been recognized with a number of accolades, both in and out of the entertainment business. Among the many honors she has received are:

  • FAMAS Awards: In 2009, she won the German Moreno Youth Achievement Award.
  • PMPC Star Awards for Television: Carla has been recognized multiple times at this prestigious award ceremony. She won the Best Drama Actress award for “Rosalinda” in 2010 and for “My Husband’s Lover” in 2014. Additionally, she received the Best Single Performance by an Actress award for her role in the TV drama “Magpakailanman” in 2017.
  • Yahoo! OMG! Awards: Carla Abellana has been recognized in this popular online awards event. She won the Breakthrough Actress of the Year award in 2010 and shared the Love Team of the Year award with Tom Rodriguez in 2013.

These are but a few of Carla Abellana’s many noteworthy contributions to the field. Her acting accomplishments are further attested to by the long number of nominations and honors included on her IMDb website.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Carla Abellana’s dedication to making a good difference in the world is shown in her philanthropic and advocacy work. She has participated in many volunteer efforts, especially those that benefit animals. Carla is a dedicated animal rights activist who works with groups like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). She is a strong advocate for animal welfare, advocating for the adoption of shelter animals and promoting ethical pet ownership.

Carla does not only give to charity; she also fights for issues she believes in. She is an outspoken supporter of efforts to normalize conversations about mental health and has used her status as a celebrity to do so. Carla is also a strong advocate for protecting the environment and reducing plastic waste via sustainable lifestyle choices. In addition, she encourages female empowerment and promotes gender equality by speaking out on challenges women confront and encouraging social acceptance.

Carla Abellana’s devotion, compassion, and drive to make a difference are on display in her advocacy work and other philanthropic endeavors. Her actions motivate others to join in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.


Carla Abellana’s influence extends well beyond the Philippines’ entertainment sector. She is widely recognized as one of the most successful actors in the nation because to her remarkable range of skills and her unwavering commitment to her profession. Carla has used the prominence she has gained as an actress to further the causes of animal rights, mental health education, environmental protection, and women’s rights. Her dedication to charity and activism is indicative of her caring character and drive to have a positive impact on the world. Beyond her on-screen achievements, Carla Abellana has left a legacy that encourages people to utilize their power for good.