Top 10 Architectural Firms In The Philippines

Photo by: JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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The construction of new buildings and other structures is essential to the Philippines’ economic development. In response to the growing need for architectural services, a large number of firms have sprung up around the country to meet these needs. The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the work of the top 10 architecture firms in the country. Each company provides something unique, and there is no specific order in which they are listed. Get ready, because we’re about to show off the Philippines’ A-list architectural firms.

Leandro V. Locsin Partners

The architectural firm of Leandro V. Locsin Partners is widely recognized for its groundbreaking work in the Philippines. The enterprise, which was established in 1961 by Leandro V. Locsin, has grown to become a national icon.

Leandro V. Locsin was a pioneering architect who appreciated the value of making structures that served their purpose while also being aesthetically pleasing. His work was distinguished by its understated sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. His goal as an architect was to create structures that would be preserved for future generations.

Leandro V. Locsin Partners has created a number of landmark structures in the Philippines over the years. Their most well-known creations include the Ayala Museum, the Tanghalang Pambansa, and the Philippine International Convention Center. These structures not only house essential functions but also stand as symbols of the nation’s history and heritage.

Throughout the Philippines and beyond, the firm’s designs have been well-praised. Their dedication to the preservation of the country’s cultural history, together with the originality and sustainability of their designs, have earned them widespread acclaim.

The contributions of Leandro V. Locsin Partners to the architecture and design community in the Philippines cannot be overstated. Their additions to Philippine artistic and cultural life are now widely considered among the nation’s greatest achievements. Young architects and designers have been motivated by the firm to design structures that are both practical and reflective of the country’s cultural diversity.

Budji+Royal Architecture+Design

Budji Layug and Royal Pineda founded BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture + Design. They envisioned a business that takes a holistic view of design, bringing together disparate disciplines such as architecture, interior design, furnishings, housewares, and landscaping to form one cohesive entity.

Budji Layug spent a significant amount of time exploring the world and gaining an appreciation for different aesthetics. When Budji finally got back to the Philippines, he set out to rediscover his homeland. He has a refined perception of both internal and exterior environments because of his training as a space planner and interior designer. Each design, he insists, suits both categories.

Royal Christopher Lopez Pineda, who comes from a long line of academia, earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines through the Japan-Philippines cooperation university program. He got his start in the industry working with Leandro V. Locsin & Partners, the office of the Philippine National Artist for Architecture, from 1997 to 2002. His buildings combine tropical elements with a contemporary, monastic aesthetic.

Budji and Royal began working together on an original concept in 2001 to provide high-caliber, cost-effective service to an expanding multinational clientele. The collaboration has produced a synergy that adds Budji+Royal’s signature flair.

Budji+Royal is a dynamic company that consistently pushes the boundaries of design around the world. The company is eager to take on new challenges and spread the word about Organic Modern design.

WTA Architecture and Design Studio

The architects and designers of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, based in Manila, have received numerous accolades for their exceptional work. Despite only being established a few years ago, the studio has already been recognized as one of the top 10 architectural firms in the Philippines and has completed a growing number of significant projects.

William Ti Jr., the principal architect of the firm, completed his Bachelor of Architecture degree at UST before earning a Master of Urban Design from the National University of Singapore in 2012. He co-founded WTA Architecture and Design Studio with colleagues in 2007 and has since contributed to the development of a diverse range of projects, including small-scale outlets, homes, shopping centers, residential condos, hotels, and master-planned communities over his two-decade career.

The company has been in operation for 16 years, delivering services to a wide range of sectors, including residential, workplaces, hotels, commercial, mixed-use, institutional, master plan, transport, residences, and research. Regardless of the company’s evolution, WTA Architecture and Design Studio will always prioritize its clients’ satisfaction.

Archion Architects

Archion Architects, co-founded by Dan Lichauco and Peter Ong, has been growing steadily over the last twenty years, with each new project serving as a learning and professional opportunity. They provide full-service design assistance in a cooperative atmosphere while working to preserve their status as industry leaders in culturally sensitive, environmentally conscious, and forward-thinking design.

Archion’s partners come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds, allowing the firm to explore every task from a new angle and use a wide variety of methodologies. Their innovative approaches to construction aren’t limited to the building’s beauty; they also take into account the building’s functionality and the underlying science and technology.

Archion Architects has a wide range of industry experience, especially in the fields of healthcare architecture, institutional design, commercial projects, and mixed-use and residential buildings.

Their credo is that “good design is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative while staying within the set financial limit.” Archion Architects is devoted to maintaining the great level of design that has won them a reputable standing in the business, and they do so by providing highly collaborative and comprehensive design services.

ASYA Design Partners

ASYA offers personalized service and top-notch design systems at an affordable price, which is why they have been so successful. Architect Albert Yu has been leading ASYA since 1993 and has helped the company become a top architectural design firm.

Their leaders are visionaries, their business practices are innovative, and they value their staff. ASYA has been named one of the best architecture firms in the Philippines since 2005 by BCI Asia. They stand out by bringing a fresh perspective to every aspect of architectural design.

ASYA has earned a reputation for their innovative designs and advanced building technology. They have completed many impressive projects in Shanghai Taicang, Xiamen, Chengdu, Songjiang, Suzhou, and the Philippines.

ASYA has always been a leader in the design architecture field and is now pushing the envelope by incorporating sustainable design practices. Their goal is to become the best architectural and design firm in Asia and beyond. They offer a wide range of services, including architectural design, construction administration, and sustainability advisory services, led by professionals with extensive experience and expertise.

Lor Calma & Partners

Lor Calma and Partners is a company that specializes in architecture, urban planning, and interior design; it was established in 2007. It has an extensive background in designing residential and commercial buildings, as well as furniture and lighting.

Lorenzo Calma was a well-known architect who earned his degree from the Mapua Institute of Technology and was dedicated to green building practices. Many organizations have recognized his efforts, and he has been honored with accolades such as the BCI Asia Top Ten Architects Award and the Philippine Property Awards.

In the days when few knew what the term “modernist” meant, he was already a trailblazer in the field. The contemporary, clean aesthetic of Lor Calma’s architecture, as well as his ability as an artist, are much admired by his artist and designer colleagues.

His son Eduardo “Ed” Calma carries on the family name after his passing; he was undoubtedly influenced by one of the Philippines’ most understated yet ground-breaking figures.

The company is committed to its business purpose of satisfying customers with superior goods and services. The team at Lor Calma and Partners is completely capable of backing up any project for any clientele and all of the firm’s expertise and resources are available to each customer right away.

Carlos Arnaiz Architects

CAZA, or Carlos Arnaiz Architects, was established in 2013 by its namesake. CAZA, with headquarters in New York City and branches in Manila, Bogotá, and Lima, is an architecture firm that prioritizes sustainability for its commercial, residential, cultural, and institutional clientele.

Buildings, according to CAZA’s guiding architectural principles, should be created with the neighborhood’s culture and ecosystem in mind. The company takes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating knowledge from urban studies, design theory, philosophy, and data science to build environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

CAZA’s design philosophy centers on a data-driven assessment of site conditions, spatial options, performance metrics, and formal possibilities. The company caters to its client’s individual wants and demands by doing in-depth analyses of each project before coming up with fresh and original design solutions.

The architectural community has taken notice of CAZA and its activities. The firm’s dedication to environmental responsibility and contextualization has earned it widespread acclaim, and it promises to continue making important contributions to the architectural world in the years to come.

GF & Partners Architects

GFP Architects was founded as “GF & Partners, Architects” to formalize and expand the successful private practice of Filipino architect Gabriel Formoso, thus the enduring initials.

The three partners at GFP Architects collaborate effectively and efficiently to keep the company’s reputation for expertise and fruitful interaction with its partner organizations and international peers intact.

Under the supervision of the partners, each site is intended to be as respectful as possible of the local natural and built environments. They ensure quality and performance via in-house processes including research and development, an ISO quality assurance system, and a thorough code review process.

Among the firm’s most reliable and long-standing patrons are some of the Philippines’ most illustrious real estate developers and businesses, whose reputations for producing exceptional buildings speak for themselves.

With every new building and space they develop, the architects and designers at GFP Architects are dedicated to continuing the firm’s more than eight decades of prominence, accomplishment, and renown for architectural excellence.

AIDEA Philippines

AIDEA Philippines is an integrated engineering and architectural organization located in the capital city of Manila. Since its founding in 1995, the business has been the Philippines’ go-to when it comes to design across a wide range of industries, from commercial to residential to institutional to hotel to industrial.

The company is dedicated to offering environmentally responsible and forward-thinking services, with an emphasis on producing ideas that are both beautiful and practical. The architects, engineers, and designers of AIDEA all work together as a unit to meet each client’s individual requirements.

AIDEA is a design firm that places a premium on both sustainability and the use of cutting-edge technology. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used to boost team cooperation and communication, as well as to increase design precision and efficiency via the use of innovative software and technologies.

Overall, customers in need of exceptional design and engineering solutions in the Philippines often choose AIDEA Philippines because of its considerable expertise, dedication to environmental responsibility, and effective application of technologies.

Mañosa & Company, Inc.

Mañosa & Company, Inc. is a Makati City, Philippines-based architectural firm that has earned a track record as one of the nation’s most renowned and widely recognized firms. The firm was established in 1957 by Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa and is noted for its imaginative designs that blend native Filipino architecture with modern takes.

Their designs are appreciated for their environmentally friendly features, use of renewable resources, and perfect connection with the surroundings. They have worked on several high-profile projects, including the well-known Coconut Palace, which operates as the official place of residence of the Philippines’ Vice President, and the magnificent Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa in Bohol, which was awarded the 2009 Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award for Best Environmental Project.

Mañosa & Company, Inc. has been honored with many accolades and honors for their great work, including the renowned Prince Claus Award in 2000, which acknowledges artists and organizations that make a beneficial contribution to society.

The firm’s dedication to conserving traditional Filipino architectural heritage while combining ecologically conscious design has rendered them a popular choice for clients looking for one-of-a-kind and environmentally responsible projects.

Final Thoughts

There is a thriving architectural community in the Philippines, full of firms that provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions that respect the country’s deep cultural roots. From the innovative work of Mañosa & Company to the forward-thinking ideas of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, every organization on this list contributes something special to the table. Architectural firms play a crucial part in the nation’s growth and development by shaping the landscape and erecting buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. It’s exciting to think about what the future holds for the Philippines’ architectural scene; we anticipate great things from Filipino architects in the coming years.