Reclaim The Street: McLaren & Stuart’s Take on What Street Photography Is & Could Be

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An exciting look at what street photography is and maybe, as well as a review of the personalities, and ongoing and future movements driving the genre worldwide.

The authors of Reclaim the Street — Magnum Streetwise editor and author of the celebrated Street Photography Now Stephen McLaren and Matt Stuart, author of acclaimed books like All That Life Can Afford and Think Like a Street Photographer — provide a deep dive into the complex and ever-changing genre of street photography.

Portfolios from over one hundred unique photographers, meticulous analyses of specific scenes, and regional reviews of vibrant street photography scenes are all interwoven here. In the same way that no two photographers have the same ideas, no two streets are the same either: these artists document a universe where everything and everyone is ever-changing.

Featuring the magnum opera of artists such as Swarat Ghosh (India), Jutharat “Poupay” Pinyodoonyachet (Thailand), and Gustavo Minas (Brazil), Reclaim the Street is a genuine global anthology that finally gives proper credit to thriving movements well beyond the West.

With its universal and comprehensive focus on the genre, Reclaim the Street is a love letter to photography and the settings and characters captured by today’s top photographers.

Thames & Hudson will publish the book in May 2023. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon or Thames & Hudson.