Can Street Fighter 6 Save the Series?

Street Fighter 6
Capcom USA via YouTube

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After a week-long countdown timer that got the internet brewing with anticipation, developer Capcom finally announced the latest entry in their iconic fighting franchise, Street Fighter 6. With only a brief teaser trailer to go off, fans are left feeling both hyped up and disappointed, curious as to what the next generation of Street Fighter will bring. Since Street Fighter has been the king of the fighting game genre since 1987, there’s a lot of expectation riding on this colossal sequel. While the series rode high after the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008, some fans felt disappointed by Street Fighter V in 2016. Let’s take a look at all the confirmed facts about Capcom’s next big fighting game and see if Street Fighter 6 can redeem this beloved franchise!

Street Fighter 6 Trailer Teases Fans

Bluntly put, the teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 doesn’t offer much in the way of information, but it’s enough to get the blood pumping. Clocking in at less than a minute long, the pre-rendered teaser shows the iconic fighter Ryu facing off against newcomer Luke, who previously appeared in Street Fighter V as the final downloadable character.

With shiny new visuals and some stylish graphical flares, the teaser trailer might not offer any gameplay footage, but it does give us a good idea of the tone that Capcom is trying to achieve. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped fans of the series from crying foul and demanding more concrete information. In that regard, Capcom has announced that more information on Street Fighter 6 will be revealed this summer.

What We Want From Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

We’ve been fans of the Street Fighter franchise since way back in the early-1990s when Street Fighter II first graced arcades. While we love this trend-setting series to death, we can’t deny that recent Street Fighter entries have felt less inspired than those from the golden retro years. That said, every Street Fighter game offers an excellent fighting system with awesome combos and tight controls, but it’s often in the mode selection where the series falters.

When it comes to the Street Fighter 6 gameplay we want to see, a true story mode would be a great place to start. Similar in style to the Injustice and Mortal Kombat games by NetherRealm Studios, Street Fighter 6 could definitely benefit from a fully-realized campaign that highlights the series’ lore and best characters. Additionally, Street Fighter V suffered from being a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, limiting the player-base and competitive scene. We’re now in an era of cross-platform multiplayer, so if Street Fighter 6 doesn’t take advantage of that trend, it might fall behind. Either way, we eagerly await more information and hope to see an expanded roster of characters and some Street Fighter 6 gameplay soon!

You can view the Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer below!