Amidst the abundance of photography-related sites out there flooding our everyday lives with an altered reality that simply feels off, we decided to take some action. Despite the alienating nature of that aforementioned phenomena, in the Visual Cult, we firmly defend the liberating power photography still has to offer us. 

If, like us, you also think that photography is not dead yet, please step inside. Here, you’ll find photography beyond vanity metrics and pompous gear talk. Photography is more than silly reactions made with hearts and thumbs. It is about the deep nature behind a social practice that has enabled humankind to capture its surroundings in a visual, but also meaningful way, for nearly 200 years now. 

The Visual Cult is about sharing the little we know about photography with the world in a friendly way. And this is achieved by using certain content categories like education, history, interviews, suggestions, and theory. We are not sure where this will go, but hopefully, we’ll help to build a community of people that thinks similar to us in terms of photography.

In a nutshell, we are here to define the deep meaning of photography.